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co-ment : Web-based text annotation

Most people know that stet was the first Web2.0 application, its the software that was built to facilitate public consultation during the Version 3 draft process of the GNU General Public License.

I’ve been meaning to write something about Bradley Kuhn and the AGPL but keep getting sidetracked. Here’s his article about Like Twitter, but with Freedom Inside.

Ive tried on many occasions to get stet up and running with no success, then I saw a post on the stet mailing list pointing to co-ment. Check it out, it looks excellent and is licensed under AGPL, Hopefully I can get this up and running.

It is to our knowledge one of the first instances of distribution of the full code base of a large Web 2.0 application service

I’ve embedded a text below, click on it and try to add some comments. the width of the column on this theme wont be that nice for this but still give it a go. Heh, I havent even finished this post and PhilippeAigrain commented on the text. Its not based on any code from stet. well you can read the comment yourself. It may be easier to tinker with this text on the co-ment site itself. Wow another comment offering advice on how o get help installing it. What a wonderful community. Its bed time for me, some nights I find it so easy to sleep.

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  1. Calling Stet the first Web 2.0 application is really stretching it. Web 2.0 was already starting to be a buzzword when Orion started it in late 2005. It is, to my knowledge, the first Web 2.0 application released under AGPLv3, however. I should note that I didn’t find this post via a vanity search but rather because you started following me on 😉


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