Bloom Clock Project

The Bloom Clock Project is an attempt to create a language for discussing the bloom times of wildflowers and other plants that is neutral in respect to climate, region, and hemisphere. Bloom clocks are kept by gardeners, ecologists, and others to record the time of year different plants are in bloom.

Bloom Clocks are really useful to many people, including garden designers and people with allergies: knowing when wind-pollinated plants bloom can help those with allergies (and the doctors that treat them) helping to predict when pollen will be a problem.

Bloom times can be used as indicators for monitoring changes of local and regional climate, and can provide phenological cues which tell the farmer or gardener when to look out for a certain pest.

If you would like to participate then click here.

If you are looking for someone in the know then SB Johnny seems to be the man to talk to about the project, hes a Wikiversity custodian and an organic farmer and horticulturist by profession.

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