Annual Buddha Birthday Festival on South bank

Buddha Birthday

A friend sent me an email about this and I’m thinking about going.

“3 days of free activities for all the family. Kicking off on Friday 5th May at midday. Heralded as the largest multicultural event in Brisbane over 200,000 people from all walks of life joined in last year to celebrate the birth of the Buddha some 2500 years ago.

This years theme is Harmony in Diversity – promoting a peaceful existence and appreciation of our unique multicultural identity.”

If you would like to volunteer I’ve hosted the form for volunteering BBF06, I couldn’t find it online so I hope thats ok.

Wikipedia info about Buddha.

Appamadavagga “Mindfulness” (verses 21-32)
“Mindful among the unmindful, wide awake among the sleeping, the man of good understanding forges ahead like a swift horse outdistancing a feeble hack.”

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