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Jokaydia Unconference


The Jokaydia Unconference will be held this weekend in Second Life. Everyone is welcome to come along and participate, for further information click here Newbies Please …

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One Laptop Per Child


Ok well perhaps that should read, half a laptop per child.  News just in from The Inquirer, the first batch of Classmate PCs has been delivered to Portuguese schools. 3000 of …

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Social Networking Vs Porn

social media logos

Bill Trancer from internet tracking company Hitwise has been focusing research on social networking. He has information on more than 10 million web users, and has …

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Lenovo ditches Linux

lenovo t series

I was reading and found this interesting article: Lenovo, which years ago purchased IBMs personal computer business, appears to have quietly stopped offering Linux as …

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Nottingham Trent University have introduced a Cyberpsychology masters degree, the first of its kind in the UK. The course is open to postgraduates and will look …

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Ooo3 proposal splash4

Exciting stuff, 3.0 release candidate 1 is available to download from the website. It is not recommended for production deployment at this stage but it …

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