Wiki skills training

WikiEducators next online Learning4Content workshop starts this Monday, 26 May
2008. Please help WikiEducator spread the word about this free
training opportunity and encourage folk to enrol and be supported in learning MediaWiki skills

Prospective participants can register online for the next workshop:

Please help WE achieve OUR targets to train 2500 educators (teachers,
lecturers and trainers) by the end of the year.

To date we have achieved 17% of our target — which is still a long
way to go and we’re a little behind on our targets 🙁

Thanks Leigh Blackall for the info.

Semantic MediaWiki

Read more about it at Semantic Mediawiki.

Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) is an extension to MediaWiki that allows for annotating semantic data within wiki pages, thus turning a wiki that incorporates the extension into a semantic wiki. Data that has been encoded can be used in semantic searches, used for aggregation of pages, displayed in formats like maps, calendars and graphs, and exported to the outside world via formats like RDF and CSV.