Wiki skills training

WikiEducators next online Learning4Content workshop starts this Monday, 26 May
2008. Please help WikiEducator spread the word about this free
training opportunity and encourage folk to enrol and be supported in learning MediaWiki skills

Prospective participants can register online for the next workshop:

Please help WE achieve OUR targets to train 2500 educators (teachers,
lecturers and trainers) by the end of the year.

To date we have achieved 17% of our target — which is still a long
way to go and we’re a little behind on our targets 🙁

Thanks Leigh Blackall for the info.

Thank you LearnScope

A huge thanks to all the LearnScope people for the opportunity to talk about what I love and show the practical benefits of FOSS. It was great to see Alexander Hayes, Robyn Jay, Sean Fitzgerald, Jo Kay, Stephan Ridgeway and the people I’ve listened to in LearnScope podcasts. It was nice to meet the other people that turned up as well and thanks everyone that came, they were all very nice and open to free culture. I don’t know about adult education but in secondary public education copyright is the highest cost apart from wages.

I was flown to Sydney and back to work for the day, in the morning I worked with Alex and Robyn customising the Wiki then we had a group discussion, you can see the details here.

Maybe it would have been better to focus on Mediawiki, Collaboration and Copyright but my talk was about the history of FOSS and then gave examples of FOSS, FOSS on the web and free knowledge communities. You can see the presentation here and imagine the story I told. Thanks to my brothers advice I went with just using images as my strategy to talk naturally. I think I could do much better if I had another chance. After listening to Sean Fitzgerald talk about FOSS I would give myself 4 out of 10 for speaking skill. Sean and Jo had been to and touched the [[olpc|Children’s Machine]] , that went down really well when it came to talking about it. Using the Mars Rover as the first example of FOSS was also very nice.

Read Jo Kays post “Three Cheers for FOSS and Wireless Blogging“, she took a photo of me during the talk :), I need to get an Open Source Entrepreneur power jacket. lol.

Lots more to think and write about, I’ll get more time soon.
Thank you educators, nothing makes me happier than working with you.

Training Packages Unwrapped – Peter Shanks

This is amazing work by Peter Shanks. Visit Training Packages Unwrapped.

Hello, Peter Shanks here. You might remember me from such web sites as ICA05 deconstructed and flicrCC. Come with me now as we explore the hidden world of TPU.

On this site I’ll be looking at how we can present the units of all the NTIS Training Packages in an easy-to-use format, with optional teaching resources such as moodle frameworks and tiddlyWiki’s .

ICA05 deconstructed

Peter Shanks teaches information technology subjects at Bathurst TAFE NSW. He released a beta version of ICA05 deconstructed on Sourceforge.

The Austrailian ICA05 IT training package – deconstructed from the original PDF and put back into a MySQL database for further tinkering. Currently we support the creation of moodle modules, XML, and tiddlywiki output for individual subjects.

Visit the TAFE ICA05 project page.

Part of his announcement on a mailing list.

I’d like to invite any LAMP developers out there to download and play with the source for the ICA05 web app I announced last week.

If you have time, download the source and see what you think.