Sign petition for open Internet in Europe

An interesting link from fsdaily, apologies for the blatant copy and paste, but I am tired…

If you believe Europe merits an Internet that is free and open according to the following principles, please sign this petition and share it with your friends using the “Share it” links below:

  1. Internet users are entitled to access, send and receive the content of their choice;
  2. Internet users are entitled to use and run applications and services of their choice;
  3. Internet users are entitled to connect their choice of software or hardware that do not harm the network;
  4. Internet users are entitled to choice and competition among network providers, application and service providers, and content providers;
  5. Internet users are entitled to an Internet connection that is free of discrimination with regard to type of application, service or content or based on sender or receiver address. Broadband providers cannot block or degrade traffic over their networks, or pick winners by favoring some content or applications over others in the connection to subscribers’ homes. Nor can they disfavor an Internet service just because it competes with a similar service offered by them.
  6. Providers of Internet access must be transparent about their network management practices and Internet users are entitled to an Internet connection with a predefined capacity and quality.

These principles should be enshrined in European and national laws, and enforced by the relevant authorities in a consistent manner across Europe.

I am going to sign it now… and then paint my toenails…got my priorities right  😛

Brisbane internet censorship protest

Went to the Brisbane internet censorship protest yesterday, the video below from the ABC says that there was around 200 people there. It was a very hot sunny day. Overall I think everyone had a good time, the speakers were good and the crowd was getting behind them, occasionally people made internet geek jokes, it was cool to be around such a large crowd that actually get those jokes. Good work by the volunteers and protesters. I took a whole bunch of photos you can see below, hopefully people will add comments to those photos so we get a better idea of whos who. Thanks Jack for getting involved in the protest and helping with the photos. Some of the signs were funny, my favourites are the lolcats, fail whale, leet speak and of course don’t censor my dofollow links.

One of the more serious speakers was Kieran Salsone , he gave a good short talk, and asked who was a member of the EFA, only one person raised their hand and then Kieran said something like “ok just one, well the rest of you may as well go home” and also said something about playing with the big boys. He really did resemble tom cruise in tropic thunder which kind of made me chuckle. I do know he was very serious and passionate about what he does, when he stepped down after his talk you could see his adrenaline pumping. Anyway I’ll join the EFA, its only $41 a year for individuals, they could learn a few things from the FSF and Bradley Kuhn about how to increase their membership, I guess thats if they’re interested in getting more support from “small fry” people like me.

The only other thing I did was print some flyers on banner vinyl and gave them to Varg Narseth from DLC. They are pretty much the best quality stickers you can get so it was nice to contribute something to those guys.

They say a picture tells a thousand words so check out my 31000 words below, I’m sure a lot of academics wished it worked like that.

Also check out Janet Hawtins Designs.

Edit: I’ve updated this article thanks to comments on flickr and this post. Thank you everyone for helping me piece this together.

33 Second video featuring David Jackmanson speaking then looking around at the crowd early in the day.

ABC Brisbane — ‘Net Censorship Protest

Check out this article “Hands off our internet, say free-speech protesters” in the brisbane times.