Nicholas Negroponte – Participation Revolution

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Posted: June 10th, 2006, 3:00pm EST

Nicholas Negroponte wants to give every school child in the developing world a laptop computer. He has established a non-profit organization to design and produce $100 laptops for sale to governments in quantities of no less than 1 million machines on the condition that they are given to school children. In this talk, he describes his and his colleague Seymour Papert’s experience with educational computing in developing nations as well as the machine design.

OLPC running Fedora Core

News for OLPC.

  • First video of a working “One Laptop Per Child” laptop
  • Join the pledge “”I will purchase the $100 laptop at $300 but only if 100,000 other will too.”

I’ve been playing around with streaming media. Cortado looks like the best option. The other option is to convert video to flv using mencoder and play the video using an a open source flash player. The end result is something like Youtube. Below is my example, the next movie will include sound. Hopefully I’ll find someone to collaborate and they can do the voice overs.

This movie shows the Fedora Core OLPC firmware image running on windows using the QEMU emulator. If someone is interested in setting up the same thing I’ll put instructions up on the wiki soon.