OER mini-handbook for educators

I saw this diagram by Kim Tucker while browsing Wikieducator. Click on it for a closer look. You can also have a look at the full resolution version on Wikieducator. 800px-KtOER-Cycle-Find Another cool resource is the OER Handbook. What I like about this diagram is that it shows a process that I use in my own learning and a process that I share with others while assisting them. Some of you may recall Kim Tuckers from his work on Free Knowledge Communities and FLOSS in Education. Though I can’t seem to find the article I really liked, it used to be on this page, it was the link to “Describing Free Knowledge Communities” , it seems to have disappeared while being moved, a lot of the resources on his site are gone as well. freeknowledge-communities.org used to have a lot more information and resources, I’m happy to have downloaded a lot of it while it was available though I wish I had copied that page from wikibooks, it looked like a well thought out plan. I guess most of his work is being used for other projects. I love his catch phrase:

“Knowledge for all, freedom to learn, towards collective wisdom – Enabling communities to empower themselves with knowledge.”

In my talk to nswlearnscope about the evolution of foss and libre knowledge, I mentioned Kim’s work on free knowledge communities before I discussed wikieducator. I started with Free software and finished up with Open Educational Resources.