Microblogging @ Jokaydia Unconference

I have to say a big thank you to Henny Zimer in Second Life aka Jeff Agamenoni. I presented a Microblogging session earlier as part of the Jokaydia Unconference. If you missed it then you missed out! Well done chaps, it was a really interesting session.

The Jokaydia Unconference has all but drawn to a close for today, with an informal get together to round off the evening, followed by tomorrows scheduled events.

Microblogging session
Microblogging session

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FSF Helps Launch Autonomo.us To Focus On Freedom In Network Services

From Slashdot:

mako writes “The FSF just announced the results of a meeting it held on software freedom and network services. They are hailing the launch of a new group called Autonomo.us to follow up on these issues and the publication of the Franklin Street Statement on Freedom and Network Services which lays out a set of recommendations and guidelines for protecting freedom for software as a service.”

More from Mako on his blog:Autonomo.us and the Franklin Street Statement.

Though I first saw info about this on Evan Prodromou’s journal when he was talking about his work on identica.

Evan Profromou

Wonder if this WordIdentica wordpress plugin will work.

Really enjoying identica 😀

laconica superuser theme released

I’ve decided to release this theme as a learning exercise for some people more than anything else.

This isn’t the recommended way to theme laconica and I’m sure theres a laconica developer out there somewhere that wants to hurt me. lol.

Make sure you visit identi.ca and signup. Here’s my identi.ca user page. Also check out the list of servers, there might be something that you like and with the beauty of remote subscriptions, you can subscribe without signing up on all those sites 😀



Follow the readme in the tarball.

Micro-blogging with Laconica

I have been fairly busy this week and has set up a micro-blogging site on superuser using Laconica. Its an open source micro-blogging tool written in PHP. Laconica was created as a direct response of a need to create an open source, distributed alternative to Twitter. At the moment Laconica has a basic microblog feature which will most certainly be built on rapidly due to the open source nature of the software.

These are upcoming priority features for Laconica, which include:

  • SMS updates and notifications
  • A Twitter-compatible API
  • More AJAX-y interface
  • Cross-post to Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku, etc.
  • Pull messages from Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku, etc.
  • Facebook integration

Microblogging started as a way for young and technologically savvy users to keep in touch, and gradually the practice has moved into the mainstream. In the United States, for example, Presidential candidates Barack Obama and John Edwards started microblogging details from the campaign trail. Some traditional media organizations, including The New York Times and the BBC, have begun to send headlines and links in microblog posts. Other potential applications of microblogging include traffic and sports updates and emergency broadcast systems.

I think microblogging is a useful public relations vehicle. You can connect with influencers, and have the opportunity to connect with the network of people they follow, and you also can keep tabs on projects. I think the future will be microblogging platforms that are more tightly targeted. Take for example, PlaceShout it has an intrinsic value. It works like Twitter, but its goal is consumer reviews. Users have 100 characters to leave a review of a place of business, and the reviews are overlaid on Google Maps.