Archie Moore — Aboriginal Urban Artist

I met Archie Moore the other day, he’s a very interesting character and a talented artist. Here’s some background information.

My name is Archie Moore – text-based Artist from Bris(Vegas)neyLand Australia. AKA Aboriginal Urban Artist, Automatic Self-Expression; purging-grunge-painter/sculptor and arte povera, “bad” painter.. et al. Media ranges from drawing with rubber stamps, painting, video, sound, found assemblage and sculpture.

I am represented by Fire-WOrks Gallery Newstead.

Artist’s CV

Education 2001-2002 – Akademie Výtvarných Umení v Praze (Academy Of Fine Arts Prague, Czech Republic) Non-Degree Study

1995-1998- Queensland University Of Technology, Kelvin Grove, QLD Bachelor Of Arts Visual Arts

1990-1991- Gateway TAFE Eagle Farm, QLD Certificate In Art and Design

Awards received 2006 – 23nd Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Award – (shorlisted)

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Archie has an exhibition coming up next Friday at BlackLab Gallery. On the Wiki you can see how I’ve added Depth of Fielld art exhibit as an event with a description and map. Archie has given it the working name of Depth of Field, I’m not sure thats the official name yet. From memory he has 10 pieces to display/interact with and the theme is about how we view the world. We discussed a lot of things and I’m struggling to remember it all so hopefully Archie will drop by with more info. I enjoyed listening to Archie talk about his work.

For part of his work Archie hires someone to use 3d software for modelling and animation so I think he was interested in whether he could learn to use Free Software to do that job. Hopefully we can spend more time looking at the options together. The other thing we discussed was Free Culture, the good thing was that Archie is already familiar with the concepts and some of his work is based on reusing and remixing, in one of his art shows coming up he has a piece called “False Friends”.

False Friends takes snippets of dialogue from foreign films, misheard as English, transliterates them, and reorders them to suggest a vulgar narrative.

So the thing to do was introduce Archie to the Creative Commons so that he can tap into the cultural, educational, and scientific works available for him to use in his work and to consider sharing his creativity as well. Its also important to have a practical guide to using the Creative Commons licenses so I put together a mixed CD of Creative Commons videos and talks. You can preview some of Archies work on his myspace page. Here’s some artwork from the Australian Ubuntu team.

Australian Ubuntu Logo

Here’s some more Australian Ubuntu artwork.