Opensim demo running on a stick

I made a video of what Ive been up to with Opensim, you can watch Opensim Gnutopia demo on youtube or download Opensim demo.

Here’s some images from my Opensim aka Gnutopia.

I used the following software packages to set up my Opensim on windows.

Probably the best thing about the way Ive done this is that I can run it from a memory stick which makes it easier to demonstrate and use when I’m not connected to a network on other peoples computers, thats a fairly common scenario in education, I can also leave them with a copy which is a nice bonus. Unfortunately in Australia our isp’s offer internet packages that set limits on how much we can upload and download otherwise I would have this running all the time. Perhaps someone out there could help out, i would love to have a Wikiversity region connected to osgrid or something like that.

I might put a howto on a wiki if people end up asking lots of questions.

It is immoral to exclude people from knowledge and from beauty

Eben Moglen with more words of wisdom.

Die Gedanken Sind Frei: Free Software and the Struggle for Free Thought
Wizards of OS 3, Opening Keynote – Eben Moglen – June 10, 2004

Read the transcript and visit this page to download the video or watch it below.

He talks about the history and struggle for the freedom of thought, economic justice and the equality of persons. The struggle against control of education and publication by the universal catholic church , control of printing and censorship of learning by state power, control of knowledge and culture by owners capitalistically motivated and idealogically inclined.

We can eradicate ignorance at the expense of a few, we have to do it. — Eben Moglen

Here’s a poem that was mentioned in the talk.

I think as I please
And this gives me pleasure.
My conscience decrees,
This right I must treasure.
My thoughts will not cater
To duke or dictator,
No man can deny
Die gedanken sind frei.

German 16th-century peasant song

Die Gedanken Sind Frei.
Another quote:

The perpetuation of ignorance is the beginning of slavery — Eben Moglen “

Gobby the free software real time collaborative editor

This screencast was recorded on the spot. You can watch the video below or visit internet archive to download the Gobby video demonstration.

In the video I didn’t really show the user list which is very useful to see who is represented by which color. You can see that in this gobby screenshot.

Read more about Gobby on Wikipedia and follow the links to start using it yourself.