Mobilize This09 being held on Friday the 30th of October, brings together those pursuing the active use of mobile technologies and associated digital literacy in their daily lives, teaching and work related duties. The event will be held at Charles Darwin University, Australia – Google map, in the ‘Mal Nairn’ Auditorium. In attendance will be invited guests, Charles Darwin University staff and students and many registered community representatives.

The focus of this years events are on the showcasing of examples of where mobile related learning concepts interface with popular learning design. There will be ample opportunity for online participants to connect with physical activities happening.

As this has both interactive and broadcast free / live to air components to the program there is expected to be a large online audience also.

Please feel free to join in uStream and tell others about the Friday 30th event.

Bloggercon III – Making Money

This is a little old but if your thinking about setting up a blog then you should listen to this session. Read more about it. Download the MP3 or click the play arrow below.


Everyone should set up their own blog. One of things you could do to explore blogs and social networking websites is signup for a new gmail account then browse some of the social networking websites and see if there’s any you like and set one up. One of the most popular ones is Blogger so check that out. I hope you all set one up and leave a comment with the link.

Tinkering with Blogger blogs and Mediawiki

I modified the tango theme for media wiki and tidied up the Superuser Wiki. Check it out, I really like how it looks but it still needs a bit of work. Here’s the banner.

Superuser Wiki logo

I was tinkering with my Blogger blog for some ACE 2.0 teachers and check out what I came up with. I also setup but I havent posted on it yet.

Gotta watch this video called The Future is Open.