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From QUT news: Cyber copyright opens new world of knowledge

Visit the The OAK Law Project to find more information. I was really impressed by one of the papers I read called “Legal Issues for the Use of Free and Open Source Software in Government“.

Most people don’t get the meaning of “Free” in Free Software but this paper really nailed it. I switched to using the word Libre to avoid some of the problems I’ve been experiencing with proprietary software thats available at no cost being lumped in with FOSS and generally people will ask “what is Libre Software?” when most people will assume Free Software is just software you can get at no cost and its a neverending uphill battle trying to correct them, I also created this paper on Terminology so I can concentrate on other projects . I think it was one of the better decisions I’ve made.

It looks like they have a strong team of lawyers. Lets hope they continue to use GNU Eprints with an option for users to select a Creative Commons license to use. I hope it has nothing to do with AEsharenet.


I’ve been using a GNU software package called Webpublish. Here’s some info from the Webpublish page.

” WebPublish can be used to manage all of the details that are associated with publishing a local copy of a website to one or more remote servers using File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Using WebPublish to manage the transfer of a website to one or more servers allows the website developer to concentrate on a website’s content…..”

“Finally, a special feature of WebPublish allows you to have a shell program called each time that a file with a specific extension is about to be transferred to a remote server. This makes it easy to write a script or a program that can make alterations to a file just before it is transferred.”

Very handy for managing the documentation I’ve written lately.

Instant Messaging using Libre Software for windows Users

Everyone knows how much I love windows Users so I wrote another guide called “Instant Messaging using Libre Software for windows Users“.

Crowds - 2005 Melbourne Show image by Fir0002 GFDL

The thing I didn’t mention in the guide is the issue of how other instant messenger clients leave you vulnerable to malicious code writers. They will infect your computer with spyware, malware, trojans, virus’s and worms and spread them to your friends. info, info, info, info

It may not meet everyone’s needs but its worth taking a look.

Educational Podcast Networks

The feedback I’ve received from sharing the podcast guide online has been really good. Thanks to Adam Maxwell a member of the Casting the Net LearnScope Project EdNA Group the guide includes the essential information about the legal requirements for teachers in regards to disadvantaged people.

I’ve been listening to quite a few of the podcasts from the Education Podcast Network and told David Warlick about the guide. People involved in education should check out his wiki, it covers podcasting, blogs, wiki’s and a lot more about digital technology for education. He added the guide to his list of guides for producing podcasts and a nice thank you.

Also John Pearce blogged about the guide and you see some of his work with grade 3-4’s at the Middle J wiki.

Some teachers have written thank you emails and commented about the guide being concise, well layed out and easy to follow, one wrote that the guide opened their eyes and another wrote that I must be reading their mind.

Happy Learning

Podcasting for fun and profit

I put together a guide called Podcasting for windows Users.
I’m going to store my educational documents at something I’ve called the Libre Learning Object Repository.

Ipod internals image by Brian Kendig GFDL

A general description of a podcast is that it’s a radio show on the internet and what’s special is how it’s delivered to the user. An Ipod isn’t required.

My main motivation was that podcasting is being used in education quite a bit and I wasn’t satisfied with any of the guides I found online. They would mainly talk about how it’s used in the classroom and how to subscribe to their feed or sell proprietary software “that does everything for you”. All the software used in my guide is free/Libre and open source and gives all teachers/users an easy way to use this technology.

Podcasting is a bit like independent radio and anyone can do it. If you have a special interest, it’s likely that someone is podcasting about it, it’s just a matter of subscribing to the shows that you want to listen to, or create your own. If you prefer the mainstream, there’s also podcasts like the JJJ podcast etc. There’s some interesting formats like multiple hosts recording an interview with someone on the other side of the world and all kinds of creative people that feel they have something other people should hear.

There’s also the business podcasts that are a bit like a monthly newsletter announcing their latest products with their jingles and commercials inbetween.

Its well worth checking out. I hope you find the guide useful.
Take care of yourselves….. and each other.
Happy Learning.

Mobile Blogging

I recently updated wordpress to version 2.0 and added a useful plugin called postie

postie allows you to post blog entries using email, so you can update your blog using your mobile phone if it can send email and if it can take pictures you can also include them in your post, this is also known as moblogging.


I’ve been playing the online version of a game called Go on IGS Pandanet.


“Go, Weiqi, or Baduk1 is a strategic, two-player board game originating in ancient China between 2000 BC and 200 BC.”

You can download the client here. Here’s the screenshots.
” A 3D and 2D Goban, SGF editor, client for IGS-PandaNet and interface for GNU Go.”

You can also play vs GNU Go.
Its easy to learn but I’m still struglling to get my first cap.
Reading Sensei’s Library improved the way I play so you may want to check it out. It reminds me of chess how you really have to concentrate and at times think ahead. Register at IGS Pandanet and take me on, my username is Chrismo.