Happy Software Freedom Day

Let us all rejoice

Free Software Foundation

Software Freedom Day


Brisbane’s SFD Team this year is celebrating on both Saturday 16th September and Sunday 17th September 2006. Saturday we will be in the heart of the city at Queen Street Mall, handing out Freesoftware CDs and an information leaflet.

Then on Sunday we will be at the Computer Markets from 10am till 1pm. We will have on display PC’s running Free Software including the latest Xgl/Compiz running on Kubuntu, Ubuntu Standard Install and a system to demonstrate how simple installation of Free Software is. We will have Free Software CDs, Leaflets, stickers, posters promoting SFD.

The Sunday computer Markets will be held at

Ipswich Basketball Stadium 2 Stafford Street, Booval – adjacent to Macartney Street 10 am until 1pm

I’ll be at the computer markets on Sunday so I hope to see some of you there, my system will be used to show Edubuntu. I’m thinking I’ll play some of the inspirational Redhat, IBM movies, demo GCompris and software for education and kids.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

Thanks Noiesmo for organising the Brisbane team.

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