Downes 2.0

Here’s an image of a slide from Downes powerpoint presentation Toward a New Knowledge 2.0 Society, I added 2.0 because thats what he says at the start and I think this 2.0 thing is pretty funny, follow that link for the audio.

For some reason he has a picture of Richard Matthew Stallman on it but he doesn’t say anything about him or include anything on his slides about him or his work. Maybe its something about truth maintenance systems that he didn’t have time to talk about.

The interesting thing I stumbled across on Wikipedia was this.

If there is any additional verification required, please take note, that this, or any of my other material, may be freely used by Wikipedia.

— Stephen Downes

I’ll have to ask him can I license some of his work under GFDL for Wikiversity, that would be a step in the right direction for the Knowledge Society.

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  1. Hmm. that tells me quite a lot. you are vigilant and unforgiving. I think SD’s learning style is through confrontation in many ways. mine too. expert? I hope no one is called that someday.


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