Worlds best paint software for kids

Watch the Tux Paint video on Youtube
. Or download high resolution(810×630) Tux Paint video in Ogg, Avi and Flash format.

Tux paint is Free software. Visit the Tux Paint home page and download your free copy today.

Bill Kendrick has lots of awesome software. Check out New Breed Software – Games and stuff for Linux, Windows, Mac, Dreamcast, Zaurus and more.

Hands down Tux Paint is the best drawing program for children ages 3 to 12.

For more info check out the Tux Paint article on Wikipedia.

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7 thoughts on “Worlds best paint software for kids”

  1. That paint program definitely looks great.
    I remember back in the day, there used to be a few crayola programs,
    and they were really fun, with animals and scenery to use.
    Then print them out and do it all over.

    Kids will definitely have fun with this one.


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