Tuxpaint the free drawing program designed for young children demonstration video

I’ve created a screencast of Tux Paint. Its a free drawing program designed for young children. This is easily my best screencast so far.

Please check it out. I followed this guide for how to create a screencast in Ubuntu. I think its the best so far for this sort of thing, make sure to get the capture script, it makes it as easy as selecting start a capture then select a window or whole screen and after your finished, you can chose to have your video converted to an Ogg Theora video. I also use a script that allows me to right click most video and convert them to flv, it just asks if I would like to resize it as well.

Here’s the other programs I’ve been using for video editing/screencasting.

Probably the most powerful one is Cinelerra, I think if you install Mplayer on windows you can also convert most video to flv, if someone asks I’ll probably try to check that out.

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