EU Commission Study Finds OSS Saves Money

From Slashdot:

“Groklaw has up a story about an EU Commission’s recent findings on the costs savings available from using Open Source Software. From the article: ‘Costs to migrate to an open solution are relevant and an organization needs to consider an extra effort for this. However these costs are temporary and mainly are budgeted in less than one year. The major factor of cost of the new solution – even in the case that the open solution is mixed with closed software – is costs for peer or ad hoc training. These are the best example of intangible costs that often are not foreseen in a transition.'”

The City of Chicago goes Linux, saves over 85%!

The City of Chicago’s announced successful migration to Red Hat Enterprise Linux for essential government programs including the vehicle registration system online job applications restaurant inspections ethics training and more. The City of Chicago migrated to Red Hat in order to reduce costs and improve support performance and scalability.

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