Instant Messaging using Libre Software for windows Users

Everyone knows how much I love windows Users so I wrote another guide called “Instant Messaging using Libre Software for windows Users“.

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The thing I didn’t mention in the guide is the issue of how other instant messenger clients leave you vulnerable to malicious code writers. They will infect your computer with spyware, malware, trojans, virus’s and worms and spread them to your friends. info, info, info

It may not meet everyone’s needs but its worth taking a look.

Running GNU/Linux inside windows with Qemu

This is a great way to introduce windows users to GNU/Linux.
I put together a tutorial for newbies and some screenshots using a few other distributions for teachers/trainers thinking about using Qemu.

Here’s a screenshot of Slax showing off KDE Desktop. Click for fullsize.

Update: its much easier to run GNU/Linux inside windows theses days multiple ways.

What you can’t say

I like Paul Grahams site, he has some really cool essays, books on lisp and a story on how they sold Viaweb to yahoo for $45 million.

He also wrote an essay on what you can’t say that I think most people would enjoy reading.

Nerds are always getting in trouble. They say improper things for the same reason they dress unfashionably and have good ideas: convention has less hold over them.

– Paul Graham

He gave an awesome talk about hackers that you can download here or listen to below.


I’ve added a quiz feature to my blog, you can see the option on the menu that runs across the top of the page. Its a simple script written in Perl. The format is pretty self explanatory.
Here’s an example of how to write your own:

Q=Free Software is excellent for education?
A=Highly Agree=5
A=No Opinion=3
A=Highly Disagree=1

If your answer is either correct or incorrect you would just use 5 for the correct answer and 0 for the incorrect ones.

Edited:2019 Generally if I want some feedback I use straw poll these days.