Fresh install with Libre Software on windows

Libre Software for a fresh install of windows.

Its probably easiest to use a download manager and copy the list of urls above into a text file and then open the text file with the download manager. Then you’ll be setup for the Games that empower project as well. We have more software lists planned for future projects.

Games that Empower

Happy Kids

I put together a project called Games that empower.

Its a collection of Free, Libre and Open source games and a simple way for people to download them.

There’s been a lot of hype about the value of game based learning in education lately so I hope this project is useful. Recently a few of the teachers I’ve met seem to focus on social justice and the issue of free as in gratis so perhaps this project can be helpful to people struggling financially as well. They can avoid spyware, adware, malware and violating copyright by using these games.

Feel free to spread it around, I know if I had more time for computer games I would enjoy stumbling across this project.

UPDATE: The list is so old now, I hope to update this project soon.