Spoken Wikipedia

I was looking at Wikipedia bots and stumbled across the rss feed for Spoken Wikipedia.

The WikiProject Spoken Wikipedia aims to produce recordings of Wikipedia articles being read aloud. See Spoken articles for articles that have already been recorded, and Requests for instructions on how to request a recording of a particular article.

I modified bashpodder to try and make it easier for my friends to download all the files. If you use a graphical interface then after you download spoken wikipedia.tar.gz, you can probably right click on it then select extract then go into the wikipedia_spoken folder and double click spoken_wikipedia.sh or open a terminal and copy this command.

wget http://ia310142.us.archive.org/1/items/Blogs_01/spoken_wikipedia.tar.gz ; tar -xzvf spoken_wikipedia.tar.gz ;./spoken_wikipedia/spoken_wikipedia.sh 

From then on just run ./spoken_wikipedia.sh when you want to continue downloading. It will continue where it left off so maybe run this one before bed. This is another nice thing to distribute in your local area.

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