Croquet Release coming soon

David A. Smith made a comment on my blog today notifying me of a Croquet release coming soon. To be honest I’m blown away. Here’s some info about him from Wikipedia.

“David Alan Smith (born 1957 in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina) is an American computer scientist who has focused on interactive 3D and using 3D as a basis for new user environments and entertainment for over thirty years.

In 1987, Smith created “The Colony,” the very first 3D interactive game and precursor to today’s first-person shooters.

He is currently one of six principal architects of the Croquet project

“Existing operating systems are like the castles that were owned by their respective Lords in the Middle Ages. They were the centers of power, a way to control the population and threaten the competition. Sometimes, a particular Lord would become overpowering, and he would declare himself as King. This was great for the King. And not too bad for the rest of the nobles, but in the end — technology progressed and people started blowing holes in the sides of the castles. The castles were eventually abandoned” -David A. Smith

This is excellent news, to have a team of experts working on an open source project that provides us with such an amazing tool that we really need means the future is looking brighter for our kids.

Thank you David for making that day come closer.

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