Instant Messaging using Libre Software for windows Users

Everyone knows how much I love windows Users so I wrote another guide called “Instant Messaging using Libre Software for windows Users“.

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The thing I didn’t mention in the guide is the issue of how other instant messenger clients leave you vulnerable to malicious code writers. They will infect your computer with spyware, malware, trojans, virus’s and worms and spread them to your friends. info, info, info, info

It may not meet everyone’s needs but its worth taking a look.

Podcasting for fun and profit

I put together a guide called Podcasting for windows Users.
I’m going to store my educational documents at something I’ve called the Libre Learning Object Repository.

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A general description of a podcast is that it’s a radio show on the internet and what’s special is how it’s delivered to the user. An Ipod isn’t required.

My main motivation was that podcasting is being used in education quite a bit and I wasn’t satisfied with any of the guides I found online. They would mainly talk about how it’s used in the classroom and how to subscribe to their feed or sell proprietary software “that does everything for you”. All the software used in my guide is free/Libre and open source and gives all teachers/users an easy way to use this technology.

Podcasting is a bit like independent radio and anyone can do it. If you have a special interest, it’s likely that someone is podcasting about it, it’s just a matter of subscribing to the shows that you want to listen to, or create your own. If you prefer the mainstream, there’s also podcasts like the JJJ podcast etc. There’s some interesting formats like multiple hosts recording an interview with someone on the other side of the world and all kinds of creative people that feel they have something other people should hear.

There’s also the business podcasts that are a bit like a monthly newsletter announcing their latest products with their jingles and commercials inbetween.

Its well worth checking out. I hope you find the guide useful.
Take care of yourselves….. and each other.
Happy Learning.