I’ve been using a GNU software package called Webpublish. Here’s some info from the Webpublish page.

” WebPublish can be used to manage all of the details that are associated with publishing a local copy of a website to one or more remote servers using File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Using WebPublish to manage the transfer of a website to one or more servers allows the website developer to concentrate on a website’s content…..”

“Finally, a special feature of WebPublish allows you to have a shell program called each time that a file with a specific extension is about to be transferred to a remote server. This makes it easy to write a script or a program that can make alterations to a file just before it is transferred.”

Very handy for managing the documentation I’ve written lately.

Instant Messaging using Libre Software for windows Users

Everyone knows how much I love windows Users so I wrote another guide called “Instant Messaging using Libre Software for windows Users“.

Crowds - 2005 Melbourne Show image by Fir0002 GFDL

The thing I didn’t mention in the guide is the issue of how other instant messenger clients leave you vulnerable to malicious code writers. They will infect your computer with spyware, malware, trojans, virus’s and worms and spread them to your friends. info, info, info, info

It may not meet everyone’s needs but its worth taking a look.

Mobile Blogging

I recently updated wordpress to version 2.0 and added a useful plugin called postie

postie allows you to post blog entries using email, so you can update your blog using your mobile phone if it can send email and if it can take pictures you can also include them in your post, this is also known as moblogging.


I’ve added a quiz feature to my blog, you can see the option on the menu that runs across the top of the page. Its a simple script written in Perl. The format is pretty self explanatory.
Here’s an example of how to write your own:

Q=Free Software is excellent for education?
A=Highly Agree=5
A=No Opinion=3
A=Highly Disagree=1

If your answer is either correct or incorrect you would just use 5 for the correct answer and 0 for the incorrect ones.