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free photos

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Worlds best paint software for kids

Watch the Tux Paint video on Youtube
. Or download high resolution(810×630) Tux Paint video in Ogg, Avi and Flash format.

Tux paint is Free software. Visit the Tux Paint home page and download your free copy today.

Bill Kendrick has lots of awesome software. Check out New Breed Software – Games and stuff for Linux, Windows, Mac, Dreamcast, Zaurus and more.

Hands down Tux Paint is the best drawing program for children ages 3 to 12.

For more info check out the Tux Paint article on Wikipedia.

Blender models and Star Wars

Yoda talking about proprietary software

That quote is what I think Master Yoda would say about being trained to use proprietary software at school. One of my young friends likes Blender and Star Wars, I think he is going to be really happy because the image above was created using a rigged model of Yoda. Rigged basically means the model has a skeleton so its easier to pose and do animation. Matt Hoecker released it as a dot blend file. How good is that. Star Wars fans would also like his short Planet Approach clip. I think you would also like to check out Wookieepedia – The Star Wars Wiki.

For learning about modelling, rigging and animation here’s some really nice dot blends:

I learned so much so quickly from playing with Ludwig, its user friendly and would be pretty easy to do some cool character animation. As usual you can always check my bookmarks for the resources I’ve found useful, the other one I would recommend is BlenderArt Magazine – Your online source for 3D news and information about the Open-Source 3D Program and related open-source software