Desktop Blog posters

Gnome Blog Entry poster

I’ve been playing around with Gnome Blog Entry poster and BloGTK. They are both good, BloGTK has more features and some nice options for tagging.

To learn about these applications all I did was use the package manager that comes with Edubuntu and the word blog as a keyword for searching through the packages, click a little box, hit apply and 2 minutes later I have 2 new powerful tools for blogging. Gnu/Linux is incredible.

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Croquet SDK 1.0 Beta

The Croquet site has a new look. Croquet SDK 1.0 Beta has been released. Go get it and see what …

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Annual Buddha Birthday Festival on South bank

Buddha Birthday

A friend sent me an email about this and I’m thinking about going.

“3 days of free activities for all the family. Kicking off on Friday 5th May at midday. Heralded as the largest multicultural event in Brisbane over 200,000 people from all walks of life joined in last year to celebrate the birth of the Buddha some 2500 years ago.

This years theme is Harmony in Diversity – promoting a peaceful existence and appreciation of our unique multicultural identity.”

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Newbies have all the fun

Day two of running Fedora Core 5 and the Gnome desktop. I usually just use Live CD’s to see how things are going with the desktop environment, I’ve decided I’m going to use this as my desktop system and take a newbie approach.

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XGL Desktop and old friends

Last week I caught up with an old friend, he was running Kubuntu and this very nice looking 3D desktop. Here’s the info from Wikipedia : XGL, Compiz. If your not going to install it, you’ll need to follow the external links and watch a video. It shows off the GNU/Linux destop and is very pleasing to the eye.

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Croquet Release coming soon

David A. Smith made a comment on my blog today notifying me of a Croquet release coming soon. To be honest I’m blown away. Here’s some info about him from Wikipedia.

“David Alan Smith (born 1957 in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina) is an American computer scientist who has focused on interactive 3D and using 3D as a basis for new user environments and entertainment for over thirty years.

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