Running GNU/Linux inside windows with Qemu

This is a great way to introduce windows users to GNU/Linux.
I put together a tutorial for newbies and some screenshots using a few other distributions for teachers/trainers thinking about using Qemu.

Here’s a screenshot of Slax showing off KDE Desktop. Click for fullsize.

Update: its much easier to run GNU/Linux inside windows theses days multiple ways.


I’ve been playing the online version of a game called Go on IGS Pandanet.

Go Board

Go, Weiqi, or Baduk1 is a strategic, two-player board game originating in ancient China between 2000 BC and 200 BC.

You can download the client here. Here’s the screenshots.

A 3D and 2D Goban, SGF editor, client for IGS-PandaNet and interface for GNU Go.

You can also play vs GNU Go.
Its easy to learn but I’m still struglling to get my first cap.
Reading Sensei’s Library improved the way I play so you may want to check it out. It reminds me of chess how you really have to concentrate and at times think ahead. Register at IGS Pandanet and take me on, my username is Chrismo.

What you can’t say

I like Paul Grahams site, he has some really cool essays, books on lisp and a story on how they sold Viaweb to yahoo for $45 million.

He also wrote an essay on what you can’t say that I think most people would enjoy reading.

Nerds are always getting in trouble. They say improper things for the same reason they dress unfashionably and have good ideas: convention has less hold over them.

– Paul Graham

He gave an awesome talk about hackers that you can download here or listen to below.

Share your most dangerous idea

Originally from slashdot but this article is well worth a read.
What is your most dangerous idea.

ROGER C. SCHANK makes some interesting comments about education.

My dangerous idea is one that most people immediately reject without giving it serious thought: school is bad for kids it makes them unhappy and as tests show they don’t learn much.

Read more on this page, he’s forth from the top.

Superuser User Group

I’ve setup the Superuser User Group. There’s still quite a lot to do but I’m tired so hopefully I’ll get back into the swing of things soon.

Over the holidays I’ve been having some fun with free and open source online games. I posted a list of 10 online games that we’ve been playing on GNU/Linux and windows in the user group forum.

Updated: Usergroup no longer active.